10 Jun5 Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to Italy

Visiting Italy can be very exciting and fulfilling. Many Australian tourists enjoy being in this European country but not all. Some find the language barrier to be too restrictive and do not enjoy the stay while others make the most of their time and ensure they have a great time. To be among the latter, here are 5 things that you need to know before boarding the plane to Italy.

romeitalyThe waiter will leave you alone to enjoy your meal

Unlike back home where you are used to the waiter checking on you every now and then, Italian waiters and waitresses will not do so. It is not that they are rude but that is what they are used to. Meal times are times to socialize and the waiters are not encouraged to interrupt. Here you will not see a waiter around after your meal is served. You have to signal them when you require their services. They will not even bring the bill till you officially ask for it.

Cash is the way to pay

Forget about your credit or debit card and walk with cash. This is what Italians do and as they say when you go to Rome do what the Romans do. Though train stations and the big hotels will take plastic money, be sure to carry some cash around if your ideal places to go in Italy are where the local folk hang out. Many shops will not accept cards and neither will the people selling souvenirs.

Gelato is a must have

Whether you are a foodie or not you will enjoy a bite of the Gelato. Italy is the home of this delicacy and they make it perfectly. In your list of things to do in Italy please do not forget to try this amazing meal. As a bonus, the gelatos here are made of milk (not cream) and hence it is healthy.

Drinking alcohol is a social activity

Italy may have the finest wines but they are not made to make people drunk. Drinking alcohol is more of a social activity in Italy and Italians do behave themselves as they drink. So, if you used to drinking till you can no longer move, start learning how to maintain your cool. But have fun while at it and be sure to sample Italian wine. It is the best!

Holy sites must be respected

Forget that tube top if you are going to include Vatican and other holy places as part of places to go in Italy. You have to be fully covered when visiting such areas or else you will be prevented from going in.

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