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Flensborg Germany, which is referred to as Flensburg in German, is a beautiful city located in the eastern coast of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. The city has approximately 90,000 occupants who live around the Flensborg fjord.

FlensborgGetting To Flensborg

Most people visiting Flensborg arrive through roads. The city is located near the German-Denmark border and is beside the motorway leading to Hamburg which is in south of Denmark. You can use the bus and train connections which are available in Hamburg and in Denmark.

Getting Around

The city is not as large as most cities and this means that the best way to get around Flensborg is by walking around as you enjoy the breeze and the architecture used in creating the attractive buildings. You can also drive and cruise around, best way to do it is to book a rental car ahead of time before your tour. There are a lot of places where you can book your rental car online, do it while preparing for your trip. Here in Denmark one of the site that is use for car rental is http://www.billigelejebiler.dk/

What To See In Flensborg

Flensborg offers a wide range of attractive things to see from the old buildings to the museums and old churches. If you are the sailing type, then you will enjoy the harbor part which is always hosting different events and regattas. If you would like to see some significant historic things, you will love the museums in the city. There are four top museums that you can go to and most of them will be open from 8 to about 5 in the evening.

There are old churches with architecture that can only be described as interesting. If you visit Flensborg, you should check out St. Marien, St. Johannis, St. Nikolai, Helligandskirken – all Lutheran churches and St. Marien, schmerzhafte Mutter, a Roman Catholic Church.

What To Do In Flensborg


You can tour the city to enjoy the rich architecture on the old buildings and learn something about the city. Organized tours are available in English, French, Swedish and German. There are 5 different ferries on which you can have a better look at the city from the water and also enjoy the city’s maritime atmosphere.

Shopping In Flensborg

Most people visiting Flensborg and other Nordic cities are interested in shopping. If this is the reason why you are in Flensborg, then you will have a lot of shops to buy items from. The new Flensburg Galerie has 80 shops; there is the Fordepark, Poetsch, Scandinavien Park and the Citti Park shopping center. Due to the number of tourists shopping in and around the city, most shopping centers are open all through the week. There are differences in prices between the Germany and the Denmark sides and what might seem expensive on one side might be cheap on the other,

Where To Eat In Flensborg

There are a number of restaurants and hotels with international and local cuisine. Some of the restaurants you might find interesting include but not limited to Dionysos, Marien-Café, Goldene Lilie, Pazific and Galerie. These restaurants offer different foods including vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

If you plan on traveling to Flensborg Germany, you will need the above information to know what to see, what to do and where to eat in the city. There are different restaurants where you can sleep and this will depend with the kind of services you are interested in.

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