18 AugBest Places To Visit In Zurich


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland which is a contemporary art and also a shopping destination. It is one of the major world`s leading economic and financial center. Visitors to Zurich just find it quiet and fascinating enough for them to forget due to the presence of many amazing and stress-relieving areas to visit. Therefore, below are the top things to do in Zurich;

Visit Lake Zurich

Being in Zurich is not just complete until you visit Lake Zurich and take a boat tour across this pristine lake. This is the site also that you can get the opportunity to join the locals in swimming especially during the summertime. Lake Zurich has a bent banana shape and is framed on its southern part by two hills; Zimmerberg and Albis hence making it one of the most fascinating places to visit.

Visit the Swiss National Museum

This is the museum that contains some of Europe`s most essential art collections, dating back to the prehistoric period. It is usually open from Tuesday up to Sunday and also there is no entrance fee for the under-16s. Therefore, this proves cost effective since you will be allowed to go with your under-16 kids without any charges.

Visit Mount Pilatus

Spare a day for a trip to the City of Lucerne, where you will get the opportunity to ride the steepest funicular railway in the world to the top of Mount Pilatus. From Mount Pilatus peak you can be able to enjoy viewing the fascinating landscape of Zurich as you also enjoy the cold breeze.

Visit the Old Town

The Old Town is Zurich’s main tourist’s hub. It is a treasure trove of historical building dating back to the era of the ancient Roman settlement.

Visit Grossmunster

This is the place where the Grossmunster church was built, and it is believed that both saints Regula and Felix collected their heads and walked uphill where they prayed and thereafter died.

Visit Zoo Zurich

This is a popular and amazing family attraction site throughout the year, even during the winter. If the Zurich temperatures’ drop below 10 degree centigrade you should spare time to visit the zoo by noon to have a look at the fascinating and amazing penguin parade.

Visit Opera House

This is the home of Zurich Opera and its performances. It is one of a must-see tourist site holding the grand 19th-century opernhaus.

Visit St Peter`s church

This is the oldest church in in the city and also has the largest clock face in the entire Europe. It also has very interesting and unique baroque interior incorporating wall paintings.

Visit Schipfe

This is a fishing district which is somewhat artistic with both craftsmen and galleries working at its streets. It is a romantic place often recommended as the place to have a date.

Visit parade Square

This is the heart of Zurich city. It is very lively being beneath streets that are full of shops and also restaurants. It is the point you can enjoy the best Zurich atmosphere.

In summary, make the valuable decision to travel to Switzerland and be sure to have the most interesting and fascinating trip.

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