11 FebDiscover the Best of Swiss Cuisine When You Visit Geneva

Swiss cuisine is known for being delicious and exciting, and when you are arranging a transfer from Geneva to Chamonix for your ski holiday, make sure that you experience some of it for yourself. Geneva is a wonderful city full of many attractions, but if you are just passing through then you probably won’t have time to see all of them. However, you could probably make some time to try out some of the delicious cuisine, so here are a few of the things that you should not miss out on.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is one of the most famous types of food the country is renowned for, so before you hop on your transfer from Geneva to Chamonix, make sure you try some – your taste buds will thanks you! There are hundreds of varieties to choose from – well over 400 – so you will never be spoilt for choice. In fact, it is choosing which ones to sample that is the difficult part.

Emmentaler is probably the most famous cheese of all – this is the classic one with the holes in it that is so popular all over the world. But don’t limit yourself to this cheese alone – there are many more to enjoy. Try the hard cheese Sbrinz, Gruyere that is so good for cooking, the semi-hard Appenzeller and many more.

Swiss Chocolateswiss_chocolate

Aside from cheese, chocolate is perhaps the other most famous culinary delight in Switzerland, and you will be certain to find lots of this in Geneva. Chocolate production in Switzerland dates back to the 17th century, and there are still numerous chocolate factories in the country, of which you can take a tour. There are many different varieties of chocolate to choose from, all of which use milk from Swiss cows to give them that special quality. Some famous brands to try out are Ovomaltine, Camille Bloch and Cailler amongst others.


Rosti is a potato dish influenced by German cuisine. It can be served with onions, eggs, melted cheese and other things, and is found mainly in the German region of the country, although you will certainly find a version of it in Geneva. It was originally eaten as a breakfast, but you will probably want to eat it for lunch or dinner.

Don’t Miss Out On the Delicious Swiss Cuisine

You’ll probably be desperate to get on the slopes when you book your transfer from Geneva to Chamonix, but try to spend a bit of time in the city first, enjoying the delightful Swiss cuisine on offer. The above suggestions are just the beginning, so make sure you find some favourites of your own.

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