02 FebEmerging Wedding Ideas of 2015

Western and Eastern astronomers are one in saying that 2015 is a favourable year for big life changes and there is no more life-changing than finding your significant other and pledging the vows of love in a wedding ceremony. Sydney wedding planners and Sydney wedding photos in their turn are predicting the positive nature of 2015 towards love and marriage will highlight new wedding ideas for 2015 that will make couples more excited over being hitched. Take a look on some of these 2015 new wedding ideas.

Weddings photography in 3D

Wedding ideas 2015With the popularity of 3D photos, Sydney wedding photos is predicting on soon-to-be popular 3D wedding photos. 3D photos are known to enhance the depth of captured images and seeing your wedding photos in 3D is just as amazing as seeing 3D films. With new techniques in 3D, there is no need for special gadgets to view 3D photos as a simple computer can do the trick.

Back-to-the basic wedding

Going back to the basic has earned significant attention not only from health and wellness buffs but also on couples who want to experience the simple and the basics. Sydney wedding planners are currently introducing “simple and basic” weddings incorporating a mix of tastefulness and austerity. Wedding photo Sydney adds classic touch of going back to black and white photo background/foreground to ensure the wedding does not lose its back to the basic look.

Wedding photography shots abroad

Wedding photography Sydney is predicting more and more couples will request their pre-nuptial photo be shot abroad or in places that are of significant to both of them. Places where couples met are popular as well as where both once lived or where they family roots are.  Sydney wedding photos adds that pre-nuptial shots abroad simply make the wedding more classic and unforgettable for the couples.

Animated/video game character wedding

Imagine seeing the bride as her favorite animation character such as a Disney Princess and the groom as fairy tale prince or his favorite anime and superhero characters like Sponge Bob, Iron Man or even Spiderman. The wedding entourage is also dressed up in fairy tale costumes as well as the reception. The wedding photo album is surely filled with crazy shots and animated fun of the couples and their guests.

2015 is predicted to be a year of positive vibes for love. Moreover, couples who choose to get wed on 2015 are expected to enjoy blissful married life.

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