17 MayEscape into an Island of Unreal Beauty – Witness the Icelandic Cultural Extravaganza

icelandA trip to Iceland holds a mirror up to its culture. You can easily identify the uniqueness of the Icelandic culture from the day one of your travel. The culture of Iceland has resisted the formulation of common cultures by not attempting an assimilation with that of the other European nations. It is so, mostly due to its geographical concealment. Separated from the mainland for years, Iceland has retained its cultural heterogeneity. The singularity of the Icelandic culture is reflected in its art, heritage, lifestyle of its inhabitants, and their religious sentiments. Lutheran is the only established religious order here followed by all.

Despite being the youngest European nation, Iceland has a long history to connect to. The country is home to the world’s oldest parliament which is situated at Thingvellir. In various parts of every Icelandic city, you will come across such national treasures which are of great historical significance. These sights are often coupled with anecdotes. During your travel, you will hear numerous tales of Iceland’s ancient past. Just in case these sagas are accompanied by the ethereal music of Iceland, then you will be transported to a strange world of moral values and spiritual profundity.

The Icelandic cuisine is one of the reasons why it is a popular tourist destination. Consider changing your gustatory orientation for a couple of days if you are a vegetarian so that you do not miss out the exceptional taste of smoked lamb and sea-food options popular here that are not to be found anywhere else on earth. Literally, every food item that is grilled comes dipped in some sauce, because the people of Iceland love gravies. Difficult to get an ice cream in this region? Not at all. Here, people consume ice cream in a great deal even during the dead of winter.

Iceland is one of the most hygienic places. The public, here, evidently cares for cleanliness all around. Everything around you looks well-organized. You will be amazed by the dressing sense of Icelanders. Each one of them knows what to wear and how fashionably. Ever since the island became populated, it has been a country of book lovers and reading still remains a favourite pastime of Icelanders. No wonder it is one of those countries that have the lowest rate of crime.

The Icelanders are a hard-working community of fun-loving people. The country is proud of its progressive population having a highly developed intellectual capacity. The Icelanders are not only cent-percent literate but also self-sufficient. Though deeply rooted in their culture, the people of Iceland are far from being conservative in their approach to life. In fact, they are very open and broad-minded people. You should not be surprised if someone strips before jumping into the sea as nudity is not a taboo here (Remember the ‘Topless Revolution’ of March 2015?). You will be aware of several oddities of customs and public practices. Most of the Icelanders do not have a surname or an appellation to refer to. Everyone is called by the first name. If you are not familiar with this practice, you will find it a bit awkward to address an elderly gentleman as John instead of Mr. john. If you are looking for a few pints of bear, you will have to go to the state-owned liquor shop ATVR, the only place where you can get your favourite can; and you should avoid going there on Friday afternoons if you do not want to be caught in a traffic jam for an hour.

A travel to Iceland indeed unfolds the mysteries of the Icelandic culture. Ever wondered why Iceland is called ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’? It is because some of the largest glaciers as well as some of the most frenzied volcanoes of the world are located here. Iceland is full of such natural formations that are breathtaking in their grandeur and awesomeness. So, escape from everything for a few days into an island of unreal beauty. Travel to Iceland and taste the unique flavour of the Icelandic Culture. You would be thrilled to be a part of this natural wonder.

Read more about Iceland: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iceland

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