26 SepExperience the Beauty of a Swiss Travel

swissparkSwitzerland is a country situated western and central Europe. It is a country with a known history due to its geographic location full of plateaus. Furthermore,having a good culture and tradition has made it the best destination for people coming from different ethnic group and religion. In addition to that having many linguistic such as German, French & Italian has made it a tourist friendly. The presence of a well developed infrastructure has made it easy for tourist to move from one great scene to another with car rental as the best means of transport.Leisure is also guaranteed due to the top class hotels.

It is also well known as a tourist destination due to the vast scenes such as the Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, Rhine falls, Matterhorn, CERN, Jungrau, Gstaad of which are further clarified as follows:


They are the largest falls in Europe. They were in the last ice age and have been there for almost 17000 years.tourist can view them from the schloss worth castle, boat trips can be taken up the Rhine to the falls. The Rhine Falls are easily accessible by car, bicycle and public transport but car rental being the best option.

Read out more about the Rhine Falls: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhine_Falls


They are potion of mount alps that lie in Switzerland. Tourists can hike or ride bikes during winter and skate or mountain climb during summer. It is also preferred for camping by some people.


They are the summit of Bernese Alps. They are special due to the unique peaks. Many tourist prefer hiring choppers to view them at an angle. Their scene become spectacular during winter because of the presence of ice covering it all over.


They are formed by a retreating glacier, has a crescent shape that narrows around Ivoire on the southern shore.the crescent formed by the lake makes it unique attracting many people. In addition yacht racing adds value to the lake and being a destination to many.


It is a mountain in the Pennine Alps. They was one of the last great Alpine peaks to be climbed and its first ascent marked the end of the golden age of alphinism. The railways built have enabled tourist travel to the Matterhorn in all angles towards them. The building of museum near them have also made it convenient.In the museum, which is in the form of a reconstituted mountain village, the visitors can relive the first and tragic ascent of the Matterhorn and see the objects having belonged to the protagonists.

In conclusion Switzerland is a country of extreme beauty that everyone should one day visit with this examples being the few of the many great left out.

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