18 SepMake Way for Topless Waitresses Australia

Depositphotos_31446341_s-2015In any business, marketing strategy needs to be so unique that it can drive home the message the business wants to communicate to its customers, even to the point of using very unconventional means of attracting potential patrons. Certain food establishments in Australia have come up with a very unique way of getting more customers into their business – topless waitresses Australia.

Using skimpily clad or even topless customer service staff is not a new idea. In the United States alone, enterprising car wash stations have employed the services of bikini-clad wash girls to both attract more customers and help in the washing of the cars. The use of topless waitresses is a no-nonsense marketing strategy that will almost always work in crowded environments such as those near the beach.

Just how effective is the strategy, you may ask? Well, you only have to look at the long queue in food establishments that employ topless waitresses Australia and you will come to appreciate just how ingenious the idea is.

The marketing ploy makes full use of the knowledge of human sexual instincts. Visions of a topless female body evoke sensations that ultimately stimulate very primitive responses in us. Just look at the effect of watching female strippers Melbourne and you will see the relationship between sexual desires and naked bodies. When our instincts are stimulated, we unconsciously revert to that time when the female breast was equated with nourishment; and that with nourishment comes the feeling of satisfaction. This primal instinct is present in every single human being, whether we like it or not and whether we are aware or not.

Melbourne strippers know this all too well and as such, they know just how much amount of flesh is enough to trigger a response from our primal instincts. They titillate the senses without necessarily being too vulgar or bordering outright obscenity. These adult entertainers are good at what they do because they do understand how to please a crowd. And they know that to please a crowd is to communicate with its very basic instinct.

Other establishments are fast catching up in this psychology utilized by people in the adult entertainment industry. From restaurants to adult theme parks to other facilities that cater to the public, the idea of using staff in very unique outfit is spreading. This is why restaurants with topless waitresses Australia will always be filled with patrons and curious onlookers alike. Either way, it is always good for business

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