21 NovOnly licensed snake catchers are tasked to catch snakes

Cobra. Poison.Snakes tales is Australia’s pastime tales. This is because Australia is blessed with wildlife and snakes are among them, and the scariest to most Australians. And this is the reason there’s a person whose job is to catch snakes and dispose them right. He’s called as snake catcher.

Australians are afraid of snakes because of snake bites tales. While there are only a handful of venomous snakes, people still fear snakes more than anything else so they call a snake catcher to get rid of snakes found lying around their houses or within their premises. A person who catches snakes doesn’t just catch the snake but also get rid and dispose it accordingly and in the first place, must be licensed to carry out the task.

A snake catcher has to get permit before he can perform snakes catching services. Because he has to remove snakes from any premises, he must hold a specialist keep and sell permit with category 1 and category 2 for venomous species. Whether working as an individual or with a snake removal in Sydney, there should be a secure facility for housing captured snakes as well as secure transportation when removing and disposing snakes. He is also required to have first aid certificate and able to provide documentation for trainings in snake catching, disposal and handling especially venomous ones.

A snake removal is tasked to remove snakes however it has obligations and responsibilities. Among them is to identify the situation as threatening public safety and the need for immediate and prompt removal. It should have staffs who are well-trained and with complete background to reptiles in Australia as well as information on the welfare of wild animals. Since snake catcher in Sydney are called to deliver snake catching services in remote areas, their people practice safety precautions and catching techniques that ensure native fauna and even venomous snakes are not harmed and are handled and disposed accordingly. They only allow their people to do the job when they’ve completed permit or licensure requirements and trainings. It is also their obligation to have a ready access to well-equipped hospitals in case of accidental bites. It is also their duty to inform people about snakes and on what to do when in a situation of snake presence.

Being bitten by snakes is among Australia’s biggest fear and in the event of presence or identification of snakes in an area, licensed and well-trained snake catchers are always to the rescue.

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Only licensed snake catchers are tasked to catch snakes, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating