29 AugThe Tasty Deal About Swiss Cheese

swissWe are all familiar with the Swiss cheese, that yellow, milky treat that usually has stuff in it. At times, Swiss cheese is almost equivalent to Gruyere cheese, which is the most popular kind. Good news for food buffs, it is not the only kind of cheese that you can taste in Switzerland. Yes, there’s more to Swiss cheese than just Gruyere.

What Separates Gruyere Apart?

Before we delve into the other types of Swiss cheeses, let us first get it off the tank: Why Gruyere cheese has become oh-so-popular?

Gruyere is known as the mother of all Swiss cheeses. The cattle industry in this part of the region is all a bloom and they are the very source of rich dairy products, especially the cheese. The extra creamy, unique flavor of Gruyere’s milk translates into a unique kind of cheese. Taking on a visit through La Maison du Gruyere, the hugely popular cheese factory will make you even more familiar with that.

Apart from its cheese, Gruyere is considered a must-visit for Swiss travelers, with its old historic charms. There are centuries old buildings everywhere, standing tall after all these years.

Swiss is BIG on Cheeses

As mentioned earlier, a discovery of Swiss cheese should not limit you to just the Gruyere cheese. There are many other varieties that are a must-try.

First, there’s Etivaz. It is sourced from Geneva and is a not-too-soft and not-too-hard variety. It is also popular for being handmade and infused with not just flavors but fragrances of the Alpine pastures. Yes, fruits and flowers are thrown into the equation.

Second, there is Raclette cheese, which is widely used in a fondue where crusty bread and boiled potatoes are dipped into greatness.

Third, there is the young and soft cheese Tomme Vaudoise, which tastes amazing on crackers. It is also served perfectly with salads and other light dishes.

Switzerland would not get short of tasty cheese offerings. If you roam around the city, you will surely love coming back for a slice, a chunk, and a pot of melted greatness. It helps a lot that cheeses in this part of the world are not only delightfully served as is with some bread and crackers. It is a culinary treat on its own offering a whole lot of flavors and unique textures that are deemed a perfect fit for any kind and any size of appetite.

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