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food1If you love thrilling adventures and gastro pleasure is part of your itinerary, picking Switzerland for your destination is the way to go. The state is not only one of the best locations for budget and luxurious ski holidays. It is also home to must-taste food treats that will essentially turn any adventure trip to a culinary tour.

Switzerland is known for two top things in terms of culinary: cheese and chocolate. It is advisable, therefore, that you seek out the best places to enjoy both treats.

Cheese is often served in a fondue, which is basically a pot of melted cheese that is used as a dipping sauce. A cheese fondue is served with bread to come as a filling and tasty treat. A glass of white wine helps enhance the experience.

In terms of chocolate, there are a lot of choices for shops where you can pick this sweet treat. Mostly, chocolates come in two variations – dark and the regular milk. If you want to taste the best of their kind, there is nowhere you can find that than in Switzerland.

As a sideline treat, make sure to have a plate of rosti. It is a traditional potato dish fried as a pancake along with bacon and some herbs. Rosti was previously served exclusively for breakfast but with its earned popularity, it is now served all times of the day.

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