09 OctA Taste of Thailand

Thai cuisine has been dominating the world in the last few decades and Sydney Australia is no exemption.  Thai cuisine is getting more and more popular to Aussies’ taste. The succulent pork belly, chicken satay, duck curry, and the famous tasty soft shell crab on mango salad or Pu nim yum mamuang, these are just some few favorites they can’t get enough of. A lot of Thai restaurants are scattered around the city catering Sydney authentic Thai cuisine and most of them are crowded or have long queues. Some would even consider Thai food to be delivered, skipping that long line to satisfy their urge of getting Thai food.

Australia is known as one of the best and most efficient in providing agricultural produce such as excellent dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. High quality fruits and vegetables, grains, seafood, poultry and meat;  all that makes up the perfect Thai cuisine. Thai food is all about freshness. It is known for having a strong aromatic component like curry, chili, and other spices. When blended together, it gives you that distinct taste of sweetness, saltiness, sourness and sharp spiciness that only Thai food can offer.

thaicateringIt is also widely known as being part of an Aussie’s life. Most Thai restaurants are even called to do some party catering for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. A variety of choices is in store from Pad Thai to PO Pia Jaan. Whichever Thai food you choose, it never fails to impress your palate. The competition is tight as well, Thai restaurants are everywhere, creating unique dishes, signature dishes and the Aussies just love getting their money’s worth.  Most restaurants are affordable, their prices are reasonable and they offer great ambiance. They can deliver quickly and efficiently. Of course, you don’t want cold soup and sloppy noodles.

Thai catering from renowned restaurants are famous in delivering not only Thai food on your table but also provide authentic Thai service: courteous waiters, friendly smiles from their staff, traditional bowing to the guests and all the matching native costumes. Depending upon request, most caterers could also provide Thai entertainment like Thai dance known as Sri-Nuan singers and can decorate your place like you are truly in Thailand. You can go as crazy as having fire eaters and requesting Thai massage in parties. But, no matter what type of catering or services you want, the most important thing is getting the authentic cuisine most people in Sydney love.

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