14 OctFall in Love with your Home Again

A home getting old is not necessarily ugly. Sometimes, you need to update it to ensure it keeps up with the changing needs of the family. A wonderful house has to be functional – not just livable. If there is a home renovation or remodeling requirement you need, make sure that you go through careful planning. You also need to choose the right professionals for the job at hand. Here are more tips to mind:

houserenovationTip #1: Be open to your contractor’s suggestions. It does not happen too often but sometimes a home update is not what you need but a total fix-it. Before you indulge on that fancy new living room you have been dreaming about, let an expert contractor have a look at your home to assess what it actually needs, more than your wants. A fancy living room would look great but if you have a sagging foundation, you might as well prioritize that.

Tip #2: Make decisions and make them firm. Delaying your decisions can also delay the whole process of renovation and might also create unsightly mistakes afterwards. Before you sit down with a contractor, make sure that you already understand what you want to happen. This will help determine not just the processes, materials, but also the tools required. Would there be a need for boom lifts during the renovation? It will all depend on how you make decisions and how you are good at not changing your mind the last minute.

Tip #3: Put away some contingency budget. Of course, you would want to stick to your budget. But what if due to some unforeseen circumstance you need a little more amount to get what you wanted? You should have something saved for that. If you need some extra cash to rent a elevated work platform instead because it can deliver the exact results needed, you must be ready to cough up the needed amount.

Tip #4: Move out while the construction is underway. For some, this means additional cost so they just live through the messy and stressful environment altogether. But that should not be the case. Getting out of the way will not only keep your stress in check. It will also help make the working environment conducive for the construction workers and their tools, such as the cherry pickers for hire.

Tip #5: Work closely with a design. Planning requires time mostly because it will determine the look and function of the home afterwards. Come up with a good plan by tapping the right people – an interior designer, an architect, and/or an expert builder.

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