12 JulHead to the Caribbean and Get a Perfect Tan

So, you are planning a vacation to the Caribbean? Before you check out the nicest places to visit, make sure that you have scheduled a visit to a skin rejuvenation treatment centre first to get some views on how you can obtain the perfect tan without putting your skin health at risk. It helps to be able to talk to the experts about the safest ways to enjoy a glowing tan all over.

Getting an amazing tan safely

CaribbeanSkinWhen it comes to tanning your skin, keeping your skin safe is the ultimate concern. A gorgeous tan requires some useful notes about skin rejuvenation, which can help prevent you from looking like a lobster.

One thing you must understand is that not all skin types can be tanned. Some skin types only get reddish when exposed to the sun. If in case you have the same problem, make sure that you know how to manage without having to suffer the painful consequence of sunburns. Going for artificial tanning before heading to the beach is a great idea. Visit a skin rejuvenation specialist and ask what can be done so you can sashay in the beach with bronzed skin just like the rest. You might also want to have a laser hair removal session along with the consultation to boost your confidence.

If your skin can be tanned, there are some things you need to remember in order to be safe.

First, you must choose a sunscreen with adequate amount of SPF. It could be in cream, lotion, spray, or roll form. The minimum SPF requirement when you are exposing your skin to sun a lot is 30 but you can well get more if you can afford it. The amount of SPF protection keeps UV rays in check so you do not risk getting skin cancer to enjoy a tan.

Second, you must remember to reapply sunscreen every hour or so, especially after dipping into the waters or sweating. Even if your sunscreen is waterproof or sweat proof, its impact needs to be reinforced.

Lastly, remember to keep yourself hydrated. Moisturising your skin before and after sun bathing also helps avoid the need of costly skin treatments afterwards.

The best Caribbean places to visit

After planning how you can get the perfect tan minus the risks, it is time to look through the options a tropical destination such as the Caribbean can offer. Many would go for a cruise, which brings them from one paradise to the next. If you have the money to burn, go for it because it is one of the best ways to enjoy the Cayman Islands, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, and the rest with one hit.

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