27 JanHealth and Safety Management: Dealing with Contractors

You have a rock solid health and safety management measures ready. However, as contractors come in, your project management plans must take a turn around and for good reasons. That is to ensure that everything runs smoothly so any project you undertake with a third party company goes well as well.

Working with Contractors’ Safe and Healthy

building_industry2At one point or another, you would require the help of a contractor to accomplish tasks that are not within your company’s capacity. A contractor is a third party company that you call in to provide products and services that your business might need at the moment. That includes a caterer, maintenance teams, and cleaning professionals. Some companies may have them on board but others require them for project management purposes and are paid according to the amount of work they pour in.

In any case, their welfare must be taken cared of just like the rest of your employees. There must be clear guidelines about how they will be assisted in moving around an unfamiliar ground that may pose serious risks to their health and safety. In the process of their project management, they may be exposed to chemicals and other workplace conditions that could put them at risk.

So, to establish workplace health and safety for contractors, there must be a contract that will signify the legal duties of both parties. Those who have control over the premises should consider the safety of everyone who will peruse the premises.

The management should, first and foremost, discuss any possible hazards that exist in the workplace. There should be warnings about asbestos, hot/cold conditions, and other things that may cause discomfort to the contract workers. Then, all those safety hazards must be covered through a proper planning and management.

Your contractors must also be aware of the good practices to help them be safe within your premises while they are in the process of fulfilling their duties. Coordination, planning, and an open communication line are the more important ingredients in ensuring that things will work purposely between you and your contractors.

Project specifications and management plans are important as well. What the project might entail and how it will be delivered must be clear to both parties so the contractor and the business owners will be able to define what is expected from their end. If you want a smooth sailing relationship with an apprentice or your contractor, proper management is a must.

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