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Weddings tend to make people emotional: either they laugh too much or cry buckets during the ceremony. These rare display of affection is some of the things that wedding cinematography Sydney looks for when making wedding movies. People are so caught in the moment that they tend to abandon their inhibitions and just become happier or more emotional versions of themselves.

wedding_vid2It’s not a bad thing. It is in fact, great to be expressive during weddings. The family and friends of both the bride and the groom may not have known one another well enough prior to that occasion, but on the day itself, everyone acts like they’ve been part of the same family for so long. It is something that everyone can look back to when they review the movie filmed by their wedding cinematography Sydney team.

To capture all the emotions and memorable scenes from the wedding, this team of professionals uses more than just one video camera on the set. One main video camera and regular camera is assigned exclusively to the bride and groom, while there are a few others that are picking up interesting bits and pieces during the wedding. The uncle that doesn’t leave the bar, the flower girl eating her basket of flowers, and the little boy who feeds the swans. These interesting bits of action are oblivious to everyone, but add color and emotion to the wedding. It will be something to talk about after everyone has seen the final version of the couple’s Sydney wedding video.

Aside from the emotions, colors, and funny moments, the wedding video will also showcase touching messages from guests and family members. This is usually a surprise part added by the wedding videographer to give the bride and groom’s family more participation in the wedding.

The wedding video may also include some pre-nup shots taken before the wedding ceremony. This is a modern take at portraits and scripted videos. Here, the couple can have fun and be themselves by dressing up to a particular theme. For example, there are couples who wish to have a vintage pre-nup shoot. These can in turn be turned into the save the date card or a wedding souvenir.

Of course, no wedding video is complete without the requisite shots of the bride getting her hair  done, her clothes laid out and of her getting dressed. There are brides though who wish to omit this scene and instead add a funny animated clip showing the couple goofing off or how they met. Ideas such as this are welcome and much appreciated. They make the wedding cinematography Sydney team’s  job more interesting and exciting.

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