08 AprShoot Delectable Food with Proper Styling and Lighting

Food photography is one of the most delectable businesses to get into. If you are into product photography, you must take on the challenge of making good food look even more inviting. With a little help from your creative self, you can do this impeccably.skc-2

As a professional, you sure have had photography courses that actually teach you how to use certain units to improve your shots. Then again, you will still have to use a tip or two to do good in shooting food and producing mouthwatering images along the way.

Style your Stuff and Make it Look Appetizing

Oftentimes, you need not to use great extra props to make your platter look good. Simple plates, cutlery, and a display of fresh ingredients are sometimes good enough as a background. The use of simple props styled the right way can help make the food a standout, which should be the goal of any food photographer.

Dramatic Lighting is Key

The proper use of lighting can make or break the food images you produce. Here are some notes to ponder on:

* Steam or smoke is best defined by a backlight.

* Backlight is also key in giving your food shots the texture required to make it look fresh and crisp.

* Light skimming across the food will make it look more appetizing and pleasing.

* Lighting from behind can make the food glisten. Lighting front-faced can make it look flat and boring.

* There is no need to use fancy lighting to actually achieve the drama. You can make use of whatever you have on hand and just throw in a few creative ideas to get the effect.

Fresh Food Makes Fresh Images

Like any kind of product photography, it all starts with a nice product. In case of food, you need to be choosy with the ingredients being used. If there is a scarred, damaged or wrinkled ingredient, you must take it out than risk it out allowing it to show off as flaws in your close-up shots.

Shoot Before and After Images When Necessary

If the final product does not look that great, it could help if you make before and after shots that will show how the cooking steps are done. If you are working with a single-colored soup, a step-by-step shot could help show what it is made of so people will be able to picture out that it is indeed delectable although the finish product doesn’t look that much.

Food photography Sydney is all about being creative in trying to show the product differently, which adds interest.

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