13 NovTrendy Sydney Garden and Landscape Designing

Australians are already planting succulent gardens, growing and harvesting fresh fruits and veggies from home gardens, and also enjoying living walls before the American fell in love with these garden trends. A Sydney landscaper is already building raised beds as part of Sydney’s green and productive home gardens, and always on the cutting edge of garden and landscaping design. Today, Sydney is on garden and landscaping with swimming pools and great outdoor furniture.

Green and mixed gardens

landscapekids3Sydney is a vibrant city and homeowners are after professionally designed gardens with less landscaping. A landscaper in Sydney is focused on creating greener parts of the garden where plants are more varied and mixed. Veggies, herbs, and flowers are generally mixed to add interesting texture colors to the garden. It is a landscaping in Sydney with multifunction elements such as food, flavor, and ornamental appearance. It is appropriately tagged as edible landscaping. Dwarf fruit trees and fruiting vines are planted together with flowers to serve as anchors and accents to flower beds and flower island beds. Planting edible flowers also give extended bloom for the gardens.

Lesser water features

Sydney’s gardens are now skipping water features not for some reasons but for giving way to more sophisticated furniture. Gardens are now more for entertaining than a place for tranquil and quiet ambiance. If a Sydney landscaper is using water features, it is to connect indoor to outdoor or in establishing harmonious links from the inside to the outdoor. Great furniture goes well with shrubby bulks adding flower color and fragrance. Great table, airy chairs, and custom flat beds add texture as well as sophistication.

Swimming pool as a centerpiece and rooftop gardens

With gardens as entertaining area, swimming pool becomes a centerpiece of Sydney’s modern garden. Sydney landscaper creates cleaner view by creating feature walls and incorporating natural stone for pathways and stepping-stones. Glass and wood surrounding serves as safety and elegant fences. Using great lighting keeps the beauty prominent for night garden entertaining.  On the other hand,   rooftop gardens are now trendy in Sydney’s apartments and as part of outdoor entertaining for apartment living. Plants are grouped, in clean edges, with green and cool colors and the focus is in bringing out city and water views.

Sydney gardens are definitely living showcases of Sydney’s vibrant indoor and outdoor living, and gardens and landscaping trends in Sydney are making them more of visual arts for living space.

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