15 AugTraveling Sydney for More than its Attractions

linen_travel_to_SydneySydney is one of my favorite places whenever I travel to Australia. What attracts me to this place is the abundant choices of accommodation¬† that offer more than clean bed linen sets every time I opt not to stay in a relative’s place. From my past choices, I was able to build a collection of memories that some are funny, some are disgusting but most are good enough to stitch lasting memories on my heart.

A few years ago, together with a traveler friend, we headed for a backpacker adventure in Inner Sydney. As always, we didn’t do advance booking, and registered instead in a B&B hostel along the Kings Street.¬† The place was called Golden Grove, though the entire place was painted with bold red color. We took the ground floor apartment, which surprised us with its spacious common living room. Our room was also a surprise with a big bed dressed up with bed linen sets of pastel colors and prints designs. The place was perfect as a home base for our unguided Sydney walking adventure as it’s quick to get to town and public transportations run regularly and getting around was quite easy. We stayed here for four days with collected memories of the host who would always remind us that we shouldn’t skip breakfast not because it’s served free, but to start the day right.

I love Australian beaches however, my Bondi experience was not quite satisfactory but it has nothing to do with the beach or the discount bed linens but on the place we wrongly chose for accommodation. It was done on a last minute booking, as our original choice couldn’t offer us a room. The room was small with a divan type bed with white sheets sets on top and a matching board for a headboard. We have no complaints on the small toilet, narrow sink and a showerhead above but the noise outside can be heard even when the shower is on. The staff that went about on us is not pleasant and he smelled like as if he had smoked a dozen tobaccos. My companion was swearing she had seen him snapping indecent looks on us so we decided to check out and traveled some miles to stay in a much better lodge outside Bondi. Here we found a room with better bed linen sets and it’s much quieter and we had some good night sleeps although we’ve to get up early and travel an hour to enjoy a less crowded Bondi. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our Bondi adventure.

Traveling Sydney is not merely seeing its attractions and I guess I’ve seen more than that.

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