23 SepVisit Denmark with your family and enjoy!

Last year me and my husband were trying to find the best family destination for our holiday. It was not an easy task since we have three children of different ages with different interests. We love to travel and we both want to see some nature and historical monuments, as well museums and other cultural destinations.

Some friends suggested we should go to Denmark. At the beginning I was not too thrill about that idea. Denmark is small, cold and there is not much to see. At least that is what I thought. But, I decided to check, and I found many interesting things about Denmark, so we decided to visit it after all.Egeskov Castle Denmark

It was a great decision. We had a wonderful weather and we spend seven days visiting various places. There are many attractions that are appropriate for all generations. Denmark is a very safe country and many hotels, restaurants and other facilities are children friendly. Since I researched well, we didn┬┤t spend much money since there are many free activities we enjoyed, and we get good discounts for others.

We all, but especially my six-years-old daughter enjoyed visiting Legoland, where everything is made of Lego bricks. Tivoli is an amusement park where we enjoyed in a 100 year old roller coaster and other rides. We also visited a Copenhagen Zoo and The Blue Planet, an aquarium where we felt like we are walking on the bottom of the sea.

There are plenty of historic sites to visit, especially beautiful castles, but we had time to visit the most famous of them all, Kronborg Castle, a site of action of Shakespeare┬┤s Hamlet. Our teenagers enjoyed in the tour around the catacombs and some creepy stories about them. We heard some stories about ghosts, but they stayed away during our visit. Museums and galleries are on every step. In some of them we saw artifacts from different period, including Vikings and Middle Ages.

There are also plenty of other things we did, such as eating typical Danish food in small and charming restaurants. My husband loved their beer and I must admit he is right. Basically, we had every day filled with different activities and we loved every moment of our holidays so much that we consider going there again in a couple of years.

When I resume all this, I definitely recommend you to travel to Denmark. It has all: nice places to stay, good food and drinks, beautiful nature, historic sites, cultural evens, fun for children, and much more. And most important, it has hospitable people who always helped us with their advices and anything we needed.

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